Use cases

Increase social engagement

Use case

Notice that users with a low number of connections have a lower engagement?

For social network apps it is critical that users have as many as connections as possible so they got engaged with the app. This formula aims to improve that.

Increase social engagement


When you use Liquid's Formulas, you'll select the audience, the action and the time.

Increase social engagement


Users with less than 5 friends


Send an In-App Message suggesting to connect to more people


Next time a user uses the app

Step by step guide
  1. 1. Navigate to the Formulas page.
  2. 2. Click New Formula in the upper-right corner of the screen.
  3. New Formula Button
  4. 3. Set up each step as follows:

Define a custom segment with users that have less that 5 friends.

Formula audience to Increase social engagement

Select In-App Message as the action and include a button that sends the user to the “Invite friends” page of your app.

Formula action to Increase social engagement

Select “Send now” so that the next time the user opens the app receives the message

Formula time to Increase social engagement
  1. 4. When you're done click on Activate Formula, choose a meaningful name, and you're done!
  2. Activate Formula Button
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