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E.g.: Want to show different tutorials based on a user's expertise with an app? You can define different segments based on expertise and easily configure who gets what.

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Learn with Analytics,
Act with Personalization

The world seems to be divided between two types of people: the ones that measure everything and the ones that measure nothing. The first group really measures everything: how many steps they took during the day...

7 ways Liquid can help
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It is quite amazing to think how static apps are. If you consider apps live inside devices that have i) a unique user, ii) are (many times) logged to using a facebook account and iii) can have access to a user's location...

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Adam McCarthy, Intercom

Adam McCarthy, Intercom
"Liquid has been priceless in letting us target specific user profiles and personalizing their experience on the fly, the process is effortless!"
Adam McCarthy, Intercom

Pedro Sacadura, Full:Time

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