Engage every user

Mobile personalization, multivariate testing, audience segmentation and analytics

Optimize conversion with
data-driven contextual experiences

Target a segment of users you want to convert and combine variables (buttons, text, ads, etc.) with suitable values.

The possibilities are endless, can you think of one for your app?

Targeted audience

  • Session count
  • Greater than
  • 10
  • Purchased item
  • Equal to
  • 0

Targeted experience

  • Promotion
  • 20%

Explore these example Targets:

  • Offer to Light Users
  • Premium Features

Keep track on performance

Understand how your Targets are performing, identify segments that are growing or those at risk and react in real-time by changing their variables' values. It's that simple, with no code changes or development effort.

  • Increase User Engagement
  • Optimize App Conversion
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Targeted communication

Different users have different needs, contexts and interests. Use customer intelligence to communicate meaningful content with perfect timing.

  • Efficient Push-Notifications & E-mail
  • Export e-mail list to MailChimp, SendGrid or CSV files

Better decisions with 360º analytics

Everything you need to get the best insights. Understand your users and identify new revenue potentials in one place. Cross user profile and device information, session times and events.

  • Funnel Analysis
  • Cohort Analysis
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"We’re really happy with the service,
we’ve dropped all other analytics packages."
Adam McCarthy, Intercom

Adam McCarthy, Intercom
"Having experimented with every analytics suites out there, Liquid stands out from all mainly because of the friendly UI and its endless capabilities in communicating personalised messages to every of our users!"
George Christoforakis, Rendeevoo

George Christoforakis, Rendeevoo

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